2. New Features

V4.0 New Features

In this detailed walkthrough of the exciting enhancements in the latest V4.0 release, Ben delves into various features that have been eagerly anticipated by users.
- Default Line Item: Learn how to streamline your work orders with automatic inclusion of items.
- Auto Transfer of Vehicle Fluid Data: Discover the seamless integration of vehicle fluid data for enhanced efficiency.
- Improved Reporting: Explore the new reporting features including VIN inclusion and tax exempt rules for comprehensive reporting.
- Enhanced Credit Card Processing with 360 Payments: Understand the latest updates in credit card processing, including the card-not-present option and voiding transactions.

For More Information:
Visit the NAPA TRACS member website or navigate to napatracs.com to explore these features further and access demonstrations.

Don't miss out on these game-changing updates – empower your workflow with NAPA TRACS V4.0!

Difficulty: Basic

  • V4.0 Mobile Reporting
  • V4.0 Work in Progress
  • V4.0 Enhancements
  • V4.0 Nexpart Catalog
  • V4.0 PROLink
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed